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Mochi Parade

I love mochi! Presenting the Mochi Studios mascot, the Mochi Plush! Soft, squishy, and super adorable, a Mochi Plush will be sure to brighten your day with kawaii cuteness! And they’ve multiplied! Every Mochi Plush is made with soft white plush fleece with smiling cheerful eyes and peach hearts on the mochi cheeks embroidered by […]

GIANT Peas in a Pod Plush

Presenting the most humongous Pea Pod Plush I have ever made! It’s perhaps the largest Peas in a Pod Plush you have ever seen too! Mangobutt on Etsy requested me to make her a Giant Pea Pod Plush for a wedding gift for her friend to serve as a comfy couch cushion. The peas themselves […]

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