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PayPal Gift Certificates

PayPal Gift Certificates are now available for Mochi Studios’ Etsy shop and any custom orders! Anyone with a PayPal account can use them during the Etsy PayPal checkout process. Purchase a gift certificate for last minute Christmas gifts! The gift certificate will be emailed to your designated recipient via email and will look similar to […]

GIANT Peas in a Pod Plush

Presenting the most humongous Pea Pod Plush I have ever made! It’s perhaps the largest Peas in a Pod Plush you have ever seen too! Mangobutt on Etsy requested me to make her a Giant Pea Pod Plush for a wedding gift for her friend to serve as a comfy couch cushion. The peas themselves […]

Musical Wedding Gift

I love the challenge of making unique gifts for very special people. Recently, my good friend Chanel was the Maid of Honor for her friend’s wedding and requesting something Music-themed to give as a wedding gift to the married couple. This is what we came up with! — A pair of eighth notes, one a […]

Bride & Groom Peas in a Pod for James + Lindsey

These Bride & Groom Peas in a Pod are for Nancy as a gift to her son and future wife for their wedding in June! Congrats to James and Lindsey and I hope they like their gift! Spring is almost here! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenny Hart and her Gnome and Mushroom

I met the sweet and delightful Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching at Bazaar Bizarre craft fair a few weeks ago. It was such a memorable and exciting experience to meet her in person since she first taught me how to embroider through her books and Stitch-it Kit! I was so thrilled to meet and chat […]

Custom Alien Cats for Christmas

I got a custom order for these guys on Sunday at the Renegade Craft Fair and I finished them in time for Christmas yesterday! These are for my boyfriend’s boss’ wife’s friends’ twins! I didn’t have a name for them yet but we’ve all decided they kinda look like cats and they kinda look like […]

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