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Mini Pink Chuchutaco Octopus Plush

Remember Chuchutaco The Giant Octopus? I made him a small friend! She fits in your hand and just as squishy and cuddly! Her smiling eyes are embroidered and there’s a tiny embroidered red heart on one cheek. She’s special and has six tentacle legs that are super soft and ready for a hug. I love […]

Mermaid Bean Plush

No Disney animation has ever enchanted me more than The Little Mermaid. It was the blissful summer between preschool and kindergarden when I had just learned how to swim and no one could keep me out of the water. I loved swimming and singing “Part of Your World” while diving in and out of the […]

Renegade Craft Fair This Weekend

Desperate for handmade presents for your loved ones this Holiday season? Want to give something creative but don’t have the time to make anything? Then come out to the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair this weekend at the Fort Mason Herbst Pavilion find handmade creations from Mochi Studios and many many other talented artists! Deck your […]

Chuchutaco the Giant Hectopus!

Meet Chuchutaco, the Giant Hectopus, coming soon to Mochi Studios’ booth at Bazaar Bizarre and Renegade this December! He’s huge and hugable, made of soft fleece and mismatched button eyes. He’ll be one of three Chuchutacos at my craft fairs, so be one of owners of a Mochi Studios limited edition Chuchutaco! Available in burnt […]

Please Vote for Mochi Studios’ Sea Life Calendar at Spoonflower!

Please vote for my Sea Life Calendar at Spoonflower’s design contest!! Here’s what my calendar looks like printed onto fabric! Thanks Spoonflower! ‘Sea Life Calendar’ printed by Spoonflower Fabrics Please vote for my Sea Life Calendar at Spoonflower’s design contest!!

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