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Giant Bunny and Carrot “Peas” in a Pod Plush

I love sewing custom order plushies crafted from the brilliant ideas of my customers! Erin first ordered a Bride & Groom Pea Pod Plush and requested one pea to be a bunny and the other pea to be a round carrot! What a cute idea! Then she saw the Giant Pea Pod Plush I recently […]

GIANT Peas in a Pod Plush

Presenting the most humongous Pea Pod Plush I have ever made! It’s perhaps the largest Peas in a Pod Plush you have ever seen too! Mangobutt on Etsy requested me to make her a Giant Pea Pod Plush for a wedding gift for her friend to serve as a comfy couch cushion. The peas themselves […]

Chuchutaco Loves the Snow

Chuchutaco is typically a creature of sea and sunshine but little did he know, he enjoys a snowy winter wonderland too! Don’t worry, I kept him warm and toasty with a handknit scarf! How you doin’? My bum is cold! Nice spot to perch but he’s kinda stuck there. I feel a storm a-comin’! Then […]

Chuchutaco the Giant Hectopus!

Meet Chuchutaco, the Giant Hectopus, coming soon to Mochi Studios’ booth at Bazaar Bizarre and Renegade this December! He’s huge and hugable, made of soft fleece and mismatched button eyes. He’ll be one of three Chuchutacos at my craft fairs, so be one of owners of a Mochi Studios limited edition Chuchutaco! Available in burnt […]

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