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Giveaway Day!

It’s Sew, Mama, Sew’s Big May Giveaway Day! Thanks for dropping by! I’m Rita and I love to sew cute happy plushies! I also have an Etsy shop where you can adopt plushies for your special someone! As part of Giveaway Day, Mochi Studios will be giving away one Blue Whale Plush to one lucky […]

My Life in Pictures ~ Instagram

Love and fluff is in the air at Mochi Studios!! I’ve been so busy with orders for Valentine’s Day! And just a reminder, please order your custom handmade plushies by Monday, February 6th to receive your plush by Valentine’s Day, February 14th! This is for US orders only since I can’t guarantee international orders to […]

Flying Cakeolicious Plush for Wen

My friend Wen is a beautiful illustrator, fascinating foodie, camera addict and lover of cute! I have a poster of one of her prints hanging in my craft room that inspires me every day! “Cakeolicious” by Wen! After gazing at the cuteness day after day, I finally made her a plush based on her […]

Mini Pink Chuchutaco Octopus Plush

Remember Chuchutaco The Giant Octopus? I made him a small friend! She fits in your hand and just as squishy and cuddly! Her smiling eyes are embroidered and there’s a tiny embroidered red heart on one cheek. She’s special and has six tentacle legs that are super soft and ready for a hug. I love […]

Two Owls in a Log Pod Plush

More woodland critters join the Log Pod family! Sweet pink and blue Owls take naps and cuddle together in this Log Pod Plush. This is just the beginning of an owl sewing marathon. I am ridiculously in love with sewing these owls! All the details are embroidered by hand and they cradle themselves with big […]

Two Bunnies in a Log Plush

Thanks for all the love for the Foxies in a Log Plush! I’ll release new woodland critters in a log plushies little by little. You all know my obsession with bunnies, so of course, here are Two Bunnies in a Log! All these Log Pod Plushies are special limited edition and only available by custom […]

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