Hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July holiday weekend! I love summer days of lazy lounging and ube ice cream cones and farmers markets and reading on picnic blankets~~

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Etsy shop lately and the effort has been paying off! One week, I got a sale each day which is a huge accomplishment for me! I’ve also enjoyed obssessing over my Etsy shop stats over at Craftopolis which takes my shop’s google analytics stats and shows the number of hearts you get each day and which treasuries you’re items are in! I found out I’m in many more treasuries than the two I knew about through the curators! I’m also a proud new member of the Etsy Plush Team!

The past couple weeks, I’ve also been working on organizing my craft space which has never been accomplished before! I now have a large area in the center of my room to roll out a large cardboard sheet that I use for a backdrop for my product pictures. I feel that my photography skills are improving with practice ^_^ Here are some new plushie pictures of  my very first Three Peas in a Pod order!

Three Peas in a Pod Plush

View from the top of the plush~

Three Peas in a Pod Plush Top View

Mama Pea, Papa Pea, and Baby Pea!

Three Peas in a Pod Plush

The peas can be swapped around with different combos of girl peas, boy peas, chick peas, bunny peas, or any kind of peas!

Three Peas in a Pod Plush

Also great for three best friends like Three Peas in a Pod~

Three Peas in a Pod Plush

These peas went home to Wendy in Canada but I can make a set especially for you!

They’re in the Etsy shop now ^_^

Just this weekend, I finished a GIANT set of Pea Pods! The peas are about 9-10″ wide each and customized with a monogram of a soon-to-be bride and groom and their wedding date! They’re the biggest peas I’ve ever made and seeing them on my couch makes me bubbly with joy! I’ll take pics and share them with you soon!

Have a wonderful week!

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