Chuchutaco is typically a creature of sea and sunshine but little did he know, he enjoys a snowy winter wonderland too! Don’t worry, I kept him warm and toasty with a handknit scarf!

Chuchutaco in the Snow

How you doin’?

Chuchutaco and the Snow Monster

My bum is cold!

Chuchutaco in the Snow

Nice spot to perch but he’s kinda stuck there.

Chuchutaco Island

I feel a storm a-comin’!

Chuchutaco and the Coming Snow Storm

Then the snow storm did blow in, and Chuchutaco spent the rest of the day inside the cozy cabin with a steamy cup of caramel hot chocolate.

Why can’t everyday be a snow day, he asks?

Sorry, Chuchutaco, it doesn’t snow in San Francisco. Maybe next year?

Thanks, Lam, my boyfriend, for taking these wonderful winter wonderland pictures!

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