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Medallion Quilt – 7th Border { 0 }

Started and led by Anita of Bloomin’ Workshop, the Medallion Quilt Along was a another quilt along that I had to drop everything and sew. I started my Medallion Quilt 4 years ago after I saw Ann Champion’s master piece and several other stunning ones in the Flickr Medallion Along Flickr Pool. Anita’s instructions for each border are fantastic and I loosely followed them then started coming up with my own ideas for borders. I like trying new techniques for cutting and sewing which is perfect for this kind of quilt that ends up looking more balanced and united than sampler block quilts.

Happy Medallion Quilt - 7th Border

I picked up this project again recently because of all the #medallionalong quilts on Instagram where lots of people are quilting along to the Marcelle Medallion Pattern by Alexia of Green Bean Patterns. There’s no way that I could join along and join the new medallion along when I haven’t finished my old one! So over the last two weeks, I cut red, orange, and pink equilateral triangles using this tutorial from 3.5″ stripes and sewed them together for my 7th border! For the corners, I winged some tiny triangles in a square blocks that kinda look like little butterflies. I have lots of triangles leftover that are destined for a pillow or some other small scrappy project. The top is about a 56″ square now!

 Happy Medallion Quilt - 7th Border

The white checkerboard 6h border seems a bit too white and plain to me but it gives the eye a break from the crazy riot of colors everywhere else. I should have added more contrasting colors to the equilateral triangle border cuz the reds, oranges, and pinks kind of blend in with each other from afar. But at least they look nice up close.

Now what to do for the next border?

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~ Rita

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along { 16 }

It started with a hashtag on Instagram that I couldn’t help stalking – #scrappytripalong. There I was quietly enjoy my Christmas holiday at my future in-law’s house and I see all these awesome patchwork quilt blocks popping up all over the place and I had to find the tutorial to see what all the excitement was about. I discovered that Scrappy Trips Around the World by Quiltville is a super easy pattern and super fun to make! Instead of cutting hundreds of tiny squares, you cut 6 strips of fabric, sew them up, cut that up, unpick a couple threads, and sew up those strips and TaDaa! you sewed a 36 patch block with very little effort and tons of instant gratification!

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along Blocks

I don’t have much time to sew personal projects between my full time job and Mochi Studios, but it was very easy for me to find a half hour here and there to sew up a block or two so this was the perfect project for me to kick off the new year! I admit, I’m a bit of a fabric hoarder so I had some kawaii fabrics I had bought and saved for years that I decided to finally cut into for this project. I’m glad I did because it’s even more satisfying to see your favorite fabrics used and sewn together into a future treasured quilt. You’ll find mushrooms, Care Bears, Hello Kitty, storybook characters, smiling flowers, deer and mushrooms from Toyland by Bored Inc. and other cute precious prints that I’ve been saving for the perfect project like this!

      Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Blocks     Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Folded

18 days later, I made 42 blocks! That’s 1,512 tiny squares! 2 days after that I finished piecing the quilt top! That’s seriously, the fastest I’ve ever made a quilt top AND it’s the biggest quilt top I’ve ever made! What? This has never happened before. I usually start a quilting project, sew about 20 percent of it before I start another quilt or get distracted by life. I haven’t finished a quilt top in three years and I finished this one in less than a month! Trust me, this quilt comes together very quickly! Sonja finished piecing her quilt top in 3 days! Katy is already finished her fourth Scrappy Trips quilt since Christmas! I’m super slow compared to them but just as happy with how quickly my Scrappy Trips came together!

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along Front Close Up 6

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along Front

For the back, I didn’t have 6 yards of any fabric and the whole inspiration for this quilt was to use up my scraps so I played around with my scraps and made a giant wonky star in a star in a star for the back using Quiltville’s Maverick Star technique. I pieced the back in one day and I love it just as much as the front!

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along Front Back

I sew on a very small Janome machine that I’ve never used for quilting anything bigger than a baby quilt so instead of ruining it with my amateur quilting, I decided to splurge and send it to my friend Natalia at Piece N Quilt to long arm machine quilt it for me. I’m soooooo happy I did because I can’t get over how amazing her beautiful quilting is! I love her graceful baptist fans and it’s seriously stunning in person! It’s the perfect pattern for this scrappy patchworky quilt! I chose Dream Wool batting too which is so squishy and luxurious, I can’t wait to wrap myself up in it!

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along Front Close Up 1

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Back with Shadow and Light

For binding, of course, I had to go scrappy! The binding couldn’t have been more perfect. I had some leftover strips from making the quilt blocks that were 2.5″ wide, which is the same width for binding, so I sewed them together and added a couple other 2.5″ strips for 330″ of cute scrappy binding! Hand stitching down the binding is one of my favorite parts of quilting that I rarely get to do since it’s so rare that I actually finish a quilt. I love these lil binding clips from Clover I got recently too. They’re much better than getting stabbed all the time with pins. Binding is perfect for after-dinner TV-watching sewing.

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Binding     Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Binding Rolled Up

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Sewing the Binding     Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Sewing the Binding

And here it is! My Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along quilt finished in less than 2 months! OMG! I’m extremely proud of finishing this quilt and can’t wait to wash it and snuggle up in it tonight and every night! Thank you to my wonderful fiancé for taking these amazing pictures!

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Pleated

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along - Front Shot

Kawaii Scrappy Trip Along Close Up 4

Pattern: Scrappy Trips Around the World by Bonnie K Hunter aka Quiltville
Size: 72″ x 84″
Backing: Triple Maverick Star using Bonnie’s technique
Fabric: Kawaii fabrics form my stash
Batting: Quilters Dream Wool
Quilting: By Natalia at Piece N Quilt
Binding: Scrappy scraps
Flickr set: Scrappy Trip Around the World
Inspiration:  ArtisaniaI’m a Ginger Monkey, Happier Than a Bird Quilts, Lucy & Norman, Crazy Mom Quilts, Sweetfe
Started: January 2nd 2013, finished February 28th 2013.

I’m incredibly proud of finishing this quilt, the biggest quilt I’ve ever made, in less than two months. I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration of my online quilting buddies. If it wasn’t for their inspiration and encouragement, I probably would have sewn only a handful of blocks and got bored. This quilt was definitely a labor of love dedicated to my inner child who’s full of joy at all the cute fabrics sewn together over the last couple of week. Thanks to all the new friends I’ve met through this #scrappytripalong journey too! I’m on a quilting high and can’t wait to tackle my older quilts in progress!

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~ Rita

Special Collaboration Quilt for Natalia and Baby Brayden { 3 }

Quilts are meant to be made with love and care for someone extra special. Some close online quilting buddies and I collaborated to create a baby quilt for our friend Natalia who had a baby boy a couple months ago. Not only was this quilt made with love by my talented friends, but it was also shipped around the country for each stage of creation! Candy from Candied Fabrics hand-dyed some beautiful custom fabric for the project. Amy E from Amy’s Creative Side made the special baby quilt pattern and pieced it together with Amy W of AmyLouwho. I then added the appliqué for the darling baby’s name, Brayden. And Vicki from Sew Inspired quilted the entire quilt with beautiful geometric patterns and even added hand quilting inside the letters and bound the quilt in different colors! Amy E personally presented the finished baby quilt to Natalia, and she and Baby Brayden love it!

Check out everyone’s contributions!

  • Amy E – cute modern baby quilt pattern
  • Candy – beautiful hand-dyed fabrics
  • Amy W and Amy E – perfect quilt top piecing
  • me – appliqué (see pics below!)
  • Vicki – lovely quilting and binding

And thank you, Vicki, for taking these fabulous pictures of my appliqué!

 A shot of the full quilt top with the background fabric underneath it:

Baby Brayden's Quilt

Close up shot of the piecing and appliqué:

Baby Brayden's Quilt

Super close up shot of my appliqué:

Baby Brayden's Quilt Close Up

 See the final quilt and Baby Brayden at Natalia’s blog Piece N Quilt!

Our quilty group made a baby quilt for Amy W’s Babylouwho a couple years ago too!

I wonder which of us will have a baby next! I’m not even married yet so it’s probably not me!

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~ Rita

Mochi Studios at Bazaar Bizarre SF on Dec. 1st – 2nd! { 0 }

The aroma of spiced Pumpkin Lattes fills the air in coffee shops. Sparkly ornaments decorate pine trees in every storefront. The holiday shopping season is here! And Mochi Studios is back and will be showcasing new plushies as well as everyone’s favorite Peas in a Pod, Narwhal, and Gnome Plushies at the Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco Holiday Fair on December 1st – 2nd at the Concourse Exhibition Center! It’s been over a year since Mochi Studios has vended at a craft fair but I hope to meet new and old friends and find new homes for my plushies!

Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco Holiday Show
Saturday December 1st & Sunday December 2nd 2012
Concourse Exhibition Center EAST HALL
620 Seventh St. (at Brannan)
San Francisco, CA 94103-4901
Saturday & Sunday 11-6PM – FREE TO ATTEND

Bazaar Bizarre SF Holiday Show

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been sewing!
Follow me on Instagram for more plush-in-progress sewing pics!

 Onigiri Plushies!Onigiri Plushies

Ghostie Plushie!

Ghostie Plushie

Two Nerd Peas in a Pod Plushie!

Two Nerd Peas in a Pod Plushie

What else would you guys like to see me plushify?

Thanks and see you guy at Bazaar Bizarre!
The Mochi Studios Etsy shop will reopen after December 2nd!

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~ Rita

My Dear Darling Mini Penguin Plushie Giveaway! { 0 }

Akiyo makes the most darling Penguin plushies! I have yet to buy one from her but sells lots of adorable goodies! But you can win one of her mini Holiday Penguins on her blog right now! She’s hosting a giveaway that closes tonight! Go go go try your luck and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


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~ Rita

Pablove One Another ~ Art Benefit at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland { 0 }

The very lovely Courtney, the creative mastermind artist of Bored Inc. and also the blogger behind TokyoBunnie, has curated a wonderful Art Show benefiting The Pablove Foundation, whose mission is to fight childhood cancer with love. Courtney has teamed up with the amazing Leanna Lin to showcase the “Pablove One Another” Art Benefit at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in LA! Mochi Studios is very incredibly honored to be selected to participate in this art show where all art sales will go to The Pablove Foundation. The “Pablove One Another” art show runs from September 8 – October 28, 2012 with a grand Opening Night event on September 8, 2012 6 – 10pm!! I really wish I could attend to see all the fabulous art and purchase some favorites before they’re gone but I’m in SF and the show is in LA. Here’s all the details of the event and I hope you guys go check it out!

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Pablove One Another
 Here’s my humble contribution ~ Three Friends in a Log Plush!
Hand-sewn and hand embroidered blue owl, pink bunny, and orange foxy in a snug log!
This is a one of a kind plush made just for Pablove One Another!

Friends in a Log Plush for Pablove One Another

 (Please forgive the messy background! I’m still unpacking from my move!)

Check out all the amazing artists contributing to Pablove One Another!!

64ColorsAndrea KangAPAKAxelhoneyBelinda StrongBored Inc.Bubblefriends,  Bubi Au YeungCakespyCatalina EstradaCharucaCJ MetzgerConduct HappinessCrowded TeethCuoreEm & SproutGaston CabaGemma CorrellHelena GarciaHsinping PanJannie HoJennifer DavisJeremiah KetnerJulie WestKali MeadowsKit LaneLaura BergerLilidollLouLou & TummieLove and a SandwichLuli BunnyMiss MindyMochi StudiosMonster FactoryMr. ToastNoferin, Patty Variboa, PeskimoPiktoramaPretty Little ThievesRilla AlexanderRosey CheekesSilvia PortellaSteph Says HelloTADOTeam Kitten, and Yipori.

Pablove One Another

Here’s more artwork contributed by other talented artists and other blog posts about the event!

Hope you get to visit the art benefit in LA!

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~ Rita