Mochi Studios is on vacation until December 1st! The Mochi Studios Etsy shop is closed while I am on vacation and I will not be able to respond to emails until I return (Sounds like my away message at work!). Follow me on twitter or instagram if you’re curious about where I’m vacationing! Thanks, everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the Autumn season and had a great Halloween!

Here are the pumpkins that my boyfriend Lam and I carved this year on Halloween! He took lots of great shots of them well after midnight even though we were both tired from carving!

My Halloween Dragon Pumpkin Carving
(I usually carve Hello Kitty or some other easy cute cat so this was very hard for me to carve!)

Lam’s Steve Jobs Pumpkin Carving
Wow, right?

Happy Halloween from Mochi Studios!

(Please disregard my funny look and messy room… I was very tired after pumpkin carving!)

See you all in December! *big hugs*! *muah*!

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