Adopt these sweet Whales, Bunny Whales and Narwhal plushies that are perfect for snuggling up with and dancing over waves of blankets. They are made with soft plush fleece in pastel colors with a white or cream colored belly. Their smiling eyes and details are embroidered by hand.

Narwhal and Bunny Whale Family

Whale and Baby Bunny Narwhal

Whales are approximately 9″ long from snout to tail and 7″ wide from fin to fin and 7″ tall. The bunny ears are about 2″ tall and 1.5″ wide and the narwhal tooth horn is about 4.5″ long.

Please note that the horn is made from pipe cleaners covered in white fleece and while it is bendable and flexible, it may be dangerous to young children.

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