Adopt your very own one of a kind shroom! These cute critters are hand made with eco-friendly post-consumer felt and wine bottle corks and delightfully embellished with cute expressions, detailed embroidery, pompom trim and crochets gills. At 5″ tall, they will cheer up any space they inhabit! Available for adoption today!

Mushrooms in the Garden

Mad Hatter Mushroom

Bunny Mushroom in the Garden

Purple Mushroom in the Garden

Red Mushroom in the Garden

Each Shroom is handmade to order so please note that the embroidery and wine corks will not be exactly the same as shown in the pictures but will be very similar.

Adopted Shrooms

These shrooms have already found good homes but take a glance at them in their new habitats!

// Meet 小菇 //

Xiao Gu

Name: 小菇 (Xiao Gu, the Chinese shroom!)
Care taker: PSK
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Loves to: Eat noodles in soups and handle chopsticks thrice her size.
She is currently residing in an ad agency and longs for the Mad Men days–even if they didn’t have ramen.

// Meet Hattori Shiitake //

Hattori Shiitake

Name: Hattori Shiitake – Founder of the Shiitake Shôgunate
Caretaker: Feudal lords Lucas and Eleen
Location: Dojo Dublin
Likes: Declaring victory over the Enoki clan
When he’s not slicing up Enoki minions, he likes to peek into geisha houses with his sneaky eyes.

// Meet Myc //


Name: Myc (pronounced “Mike”)
Care taker: greeeenwithenv
Location: At home on top of my computer monitor at work
It is anxiously awaiting to see its siblings at
Myc likes to keep me company and keep my spirits up during my daily grind at the office.  Myc also helps to spruce up my boring, gray cubicle with a pop of color.
Random tidbit?  Myc likes to be poked and squished, kind of like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

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