What a great weekend! I met Courtney (AKA TokyoBunnie), creator and mastermind behind Bored Inc. at the Bazaar Bizarre SF Holiday Show!  She and her cutesy crafty business have been such an inspiration to me from her amazingly adorable illustrations to her fun Stinky Poo and Toilet Paper plushies and Toyland fabric line and more!  She is so sweet in person and such a super supporter of Mochi Studios through her many blog posts about plushies I have made which have been extremely helpful in drawing interest in Mochi Studios and I greatly thank her for all her support *^_^* I couldn’t help getting some of her beautiful and cute appliqué wall art hoops and a Narwhal print that she happily signed for me with a little narwhal sketch!

Rita with Courtney from Bored Inc.!
(Sorry for the blurry pic taken quickly on my iPhone)

I loved meeting Courtney and I’m so happy with my purchases that I have already hung up in my craft room! I’m already planning to make her a special plush based off one of her illustrations as a thank you present!

It was the first time I went to the Bazaar Bizarre Holiday Show as a customer and not a vendor and I’m so happy I did so that I could relax and interact more with the vendors and volunteers! I went with my boyfriend Lam and friend Fan and it was the best day shopping and catching up with her and dining on yummy ramen afterwards.

Visit local craft fairs near you and find unique handcrafted holiday gifts and support indie craft artists and small businesses. I wish everyone a happy and crafty holidays this season!

Check out more of Courtney’s awesomeness at Bored Inc. and TokyoBunnie!

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