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Happy Anniversary Crobots

Time flies by pleasantly when you’re with the love of your life. My boyfriend Lam and I got together five years ago last Friday and the last five years have been the happiest moments of my life! For every special occasion, I always make him something special representing us. This time, I made him these […]

Amigurumi Bunny and Mini Ninja Bean for Sorhna

I met Sorhna at the Bazaar Bizarre Craft Fair in San Francisco and she really liked this white crochet bunny that I had put on my table as decoration which I actually made for Geri some years ago. Sadly, the bunny was not for sale but Sorhna did order a custom bunny! I customized this […]

New Tiny Clover Hook

Why has no one ever told me how glorious Clover’s Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks are?!? I just bought a new No.8 0.90mm crochet hook to replace my broken one and it is so heavenly to crochet with! The hook is strong… the tip isn’t too sharp… the comfort grip really is comfy and easy […]

Pikmin Amigurumi for Crafty Turtle

As a special request, I created these three cute Pikmin crochet plushies for my friend Crafty Turtle! She took all these fun pictures of them too! They were soooooo much fun to make! It was nice to play the game to “research” in between crocheting ^-^ Pikmin is a game from Nintendo and is not […]

il pleut~ rain droplet amigurumi

Pouring rain seems to have been inspiring me to crochet lately! I love rain drip dropping against my window as I sleep in and snuggle deeper into my quilt. Around the bay area, it doesn’t rain for long but I still enjoy it! Which reminds me of something sweet Geri did for me… I was […]

Pink Cloud, Chubby Star, or Amoeba?

Sometimes between mass producing felt Mushrooms, plush Pea Pods, and Ninja Beans, I sew or crochet for fun to try and come up with new products. After three failed bunnies in the last week, I crocheted this pink cloud which some have said looks more like a chubby star or an amoeba O_o I think […]

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