Rita in the Tea Garden

Mochi Studios is a place of hand made wonders and cute creations stitched with love by Rita. Her passion for hand made delights carries throughout all her creations from the tiniest mushroom to the cuddly plush toys that all keep you smiling. She also carries the message of sustainability through her use of reclaimed materials to give them new life through her products.

Rita may be the newest artist to crash the Indie craft scene, but her creatures and creations have lived in her imagination since the first time she picked up a needle. Sewing, stitching, crocheting, embroidering, and knitting are her crafts. Her projects are born from spur of the moment inspiration with a style that is vibrantly playful and full of kick-you-in-the-face detailing.

Her favorite times to work are late at night when angry neighbors start to complain of her sewing machine rumbling their ceiling, during long drawn out phone conferences, and on nice sun filled evenings just before twilight with a cup of boba milk tea as her fuel.

Her creations will charm you with their looks and defeat you with their cuteness.

See something you like? Please feel free to contact us using the form in the contact page about a commission.

Thanks for the love.

~ Rita

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