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Geri + Eric Engagement Photoshoot with Giant Plush Octopi

My dear artistic friend Geri and my cousin Eric are getting married in October and had an Engagement photo session with the talented Ann Hamilton a couple weeks ago near Sausalito! Geri specially requested two giant octopi just for the shoot! OMG it was such a fantastic idea! If I ever get engaged, I would […]

Giant Bunny and Carrot “Peas” in a Pod Plush

I love sewing custom order plushies crafted from the brilliant ideas of my customers! Erin first ordered a Bride & Groom Pea Pod Plush and requested one pea to be a bunny and the other pea to be a round carrot! What a cute idea! Then she saw the Giant Pea Pod Plush I recently […]

GIANT Peas in a Pod Plush

Presenting the most humongous Pea Pod Plush I have ever made! It’s perhaps the largest Peas in a Pod Plush you have ever seen too! Mangobutt on Etsy requested me to make her a Giant Pea Pod Plush for a wedding gift for her friend to serve as a comfy couch cushion. The peas themselves […]

Musical Wedding Gift

I love the challenge of making unique gifts for very special people. Recently, my good friend Chanel was the Maid of Honor for her friend’s wedding and requesting something Music-themed to give as a wedding gift to the married couple. This is what we came up with! — A pair of eighth notes, one a […]

Bride & Groom Peas in a Pod for James + Lindsey

These Bride & Groom Peas in a Pod are for Nancy as a gift to her son and future wife for their wedding in June! Congrats to James and Lindsey and I hope they like their gift! Spring is almost here! Have a wonderful weekend!

Bride & Groom Pea Pods

Thank you, Chris and Stephanie, for inviting Lam and I to be a part of your beautiful wedding yesterday! My boyfriend, Lam, was Chris’ Best Man and created the couple’s slideshow, and I helped out any way I could including sewing last minute adjustments to Stephanie’s gorgeous wedding dress with snaps and a button+loop technique […]

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