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Orange and Red Batty Bat Plushies

Halloween comes early around here! I don’t like to get scared but I love love getting enough Halloween candy to last me all year! Here are more sweet and happy Batty Bat Plushies for Halloween! Choose your own Batty Bat to adopt at the Mochi Studios Etsy Shop! Choose your own Batty Bat to adopt […]

Two Owls in a Log Pod Plush

More woodland critters join the Log Pod family! Sweet pink and blue Owls take naps and cuddle together in this Log Pod Plush. This is just the beginning of an owl sewing marathon. I am ridiculously in love with sewing these owls! All the details are embroidered by hand and they cradle themselves with big […]

Charlotte Stringer Photography and Pea Pod Plush

I love pictures of my plushies in their new homes because I really appreciate knowing that my plush creations are loved <3 Charlotte Stringer is so sweet and a very talented professional photographer from Terry, MS and so thoughtfully shared these beautiful baby pictures that also feature her Three Peas in a Pod Plush! See […]

Two Bunnies in a Log Plush

Thanks for all the love for the Foxies in a Log Plush! I’ll release new woodland critters in a log plushies little by little. You all know my obsession with bunnies, so of course, here are Two Bunnies in a Log! All these Log Pod Plushies are special limited edition and only available by custom […]

Two Foxies in a Log Plush

Into the woods we go! I love hiking in the forests and hills near my home where I’ll pretend I’m a wood nymph with a cloak of leaves and flowers entwined in my hair. The woods were my escape from urban life, away from my computer, my iPhone, and my sewing machine. I never was […]

Batty and Batty Bat Plushies

Everyone around me has been batty for bats! My bf recently played and finished Batman: Arkham Asylum on his PS3 (Joker is really really creepy scary) and my bestie Tokki has been reading Batman web fan comics and haunting me for a batty plush for nearly a year. I made her a big grey batty […]

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