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Psychedelic Shroom Plush

Happy Psychedelic Friday! It’s been a long week so I’m super happy and super excited to share with you my BIG Shroom Plush! This guy I made nearly a year ago but never posted it because it annoyed me that I can’t make it sit up on it’s own. The Shroom cap is so heavy […]

Mochi Parade

I love mochi! Presenting the Mochi Studios mascot, the Mochi Plush! Soft, squishy, and super adorable, a Mochi Plush will be sure to brighten your day with kawaii cuteness! And they’ve multiplied! Every Mochi Plush is made with soft white plush fleece with smiling cheerful eyes and peach hearts on the mochi cheeks embroidered by […]

Mochi Plush

Hmm… I think it’s about time that I’ve made a mochi plush, don’ja think? Here’s my first prototype of a mochi plush! It’s about 4″ across and looks suspiciously like a white pea but it has a slightly flatter bottom. More experimenting this weekend! I will have a room full of mochi plushies very soon! […]

New Pea Pods for Spring

New Pea Pods have sprung for Spring! Handmade from soft bright green fleece with embroidered smiling faces and details, these Pea Pods will surely brighten your day every day! More peas coming soon! Thanks for your suggestions, Vicki! Feel free to share more suggestions for peas! Happy Spring! ♣ Happy St. Patty’s Day ♣ ~!

Pikmin Amigurumi for Crafty Turtle

As a special request, I created these three cute Pikmin crochet plushies for my friend Crafty Turtle! She took all these fun pictures of them too! They were soooooo much fun to make! It was nice to play the game to “research” in between crocheting ^-^ Pikmin is a game from Nintendo and is not […]

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