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Mushrooms for my Cube

There have been some changes in the world of my day job which is why it’s been a bit quiet around Mochi Studios but I have been hard at work making plushies for Bazaar Bizarre Maker Faire! I got a raise recently but the biggest change at work is that we moved locations to a […]

East Bay Modern Quilt Guild

Alissa from Handmade by Alissa started the Modern Quilt Guild and chapters have exploded across the country and across the world! Many inspiring members of the guild braved to answer the question What is Modern Quilting? and gathered interest from the greater online community to meet in person on a regular basis to learn from […]

Quilting Inspiration

What does Rita craft outside of sewing plushies? These first few weeks of 2010, I’ve been making some custom plushies but also taking a bit of a break and indulged in some leisure patchwork and quilting! I’ve been bit with the Quilting bug for nearly two years ever since I made a baby quilt for […]

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