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We raised $624 for Japan!

Thank you, everyone, for supporting Mochi Studios and ordering plushies since I announced that 50% of all sales go to American Red Cross Japan relief! We raised $312 and an anonymous donor is doubling our funds dollar for dollar so $624 went to American Red Cross this morning for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief! This […]

Happy V-Day!

Happy Valentine’s to you all! Will you be mine? I love you all for dropping by today and I wish you a lovely and sweet Valentine’s Day! Treat yourself to something sweet be it chocolates or a donut with sprinkles or a caramel and whipped cream topped coffee! I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day and cutting […]

Kiva – Make a Loan, Change a Life

Everyone has a dream. Every dream gives a person hope for something for something greater towards a goal to make their lives better. Of late, my dream is to help others realize that yes, everyone has a dream but also, some people need a little help to achieve their dreams and life goals. Kiva is […]

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