Last weekend, I finally took a stroll through the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park with my boyfriend! The entire Conservatory astounded me with gorgeous plants and flowers in lovely living arrangements and it was a beautiful quiet time walking under the trees and around the waterlily pond. We went especially for the Chomp Return of the Carnivorous Plants exhibit which not only displayed Venus fly traps and Borneo pitcher plants but also showed and educated us about all kinds of different meat-eating plants from different habitats around the world!

And hey, did you know plushies love carnivorous plants and flowers too?!

Mad Hatter Shroom and Venus Fly Traps

Plant bait~

Mad Hatter Mushroom

Mushrooms in the Garden~

Mushrooms in the Garden

Bunny Mushroom in the Garden

Purple Mushroom in the Garden

Red Mushroom in the Garden

Other plushies came out to play too~

Blue Whale Plush

Pea Pod Plush

Bunny Baby Pea Pod Plush

Bunny Whale Plush

Chick Pea in a Baby Pea Pod in the Garden

Oh hey, it’s me!

Rita at the Conservatory of Flowers

The colorful flowers and vibrant plants really made the plushies smile ^_^

Before and since the weekend, it’s been dreadfully cold in SF.

I pray for sunnier days for more outings with plushies!

Next up… a Giant Pea Pod Plush with surprise Peas! (hint, one pea is a bunny!)

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