I’ve been waiting for free time to make new Aqua Narwhals since I sold out of them at Maker Faire! I love the beautiful aqua lagoon color that perfectly reminds me of the ocean! And now, I make the unicorn horn from bendable pipe cleaners that I cover with white fleece stitched by hand so that they are more child friendly!

Aqua Narwhal Plush

Aqua Narwhal Plush

Here’s a top view of the Narwhal that I’ve never posted before!

Aqua Narwhal Plush Top View

Aqua Narwhal and Bunny Whale Plushies in Love~

Aqua Narwhal and Bunny Whale Plushies

Aqua Narwhal and Bunny Whale Plushies

And they made a Baby Bunny Narwhal!

Aqua Narwhal and Baby Bunny Narwhal Plushies

Awww, it’s a happy Narwhal and Bunny Whale family~

Narwhal Family

The Baby Bunny Narwhal is a apecial custom order made especially for Brandon ^_^

These guys are all available in the Etsy Shop or by custom order!

Next on my list… make more Baby Narwhal plushies!

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