I just updated the Mochi Studios Etsy Shop with a couple Narwhals and Pea Pods and Rice Babies! I wanted to post them for sale online before people forgot about them after Maker Faire! These are my last two Narwhals for now and I’ll be sewing more over this long holiday weekend!

I’ve been playing around with this new flash I got for my Nikon D3000 but I still need lots of practice with it and my Photoshop skills. Since the Narwhals are too big for my light box, here they are on some lovely floating bookshelves that Lam installed!

Happy Narwhals!

Blue Narwhal Plush

Green Narwhal Plush

Narwhal Buddies

Happy Pea Pods!

Pea Pod Plush

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!!

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