Sun streaks through my window late Sunday morning and like a cat, all I want to do is yawn and snuggle deeper into my quilt. And then I remember, today’s Mushroom making day! I’m making a whole forest of cork mushrooms to be adopted at the Bazaar Bizarre Craft Fair this December 12-13. I take great care and detail into making each mushroom so after an entire afternoon of sewing, I finished only five mushrooms but I cut out enough felt for my next 21 mushrooms! These bright colors make me so happy! I love mixing different color mushrooms with different color spots and contrasting pom pom trim!

Shroom Making Sunday

Sir Shroom overseeing the production… By golly, so so many spots!

Shroom Making Sunday

Cutting is the easy part. Embroidering and sewing is the fun and intricate part. Crocheting the undersides of the shroom takes the most time to do but it is such an essential detail and really makes it all come together.

Remember, the Pea Pod Giveaway close at Oct. 15th midnight and there are many ways you can enter to win! Thank you, everyone, who has entered to win already!

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