No Disney animation has ever enchanted me more than The Little Mermaid. It was the blissful summer between preschool and kindergarden when I had just learned how to swim and no one could keep me out of the water. I loved swimming and singing “Part of Your World” while diving in and out of the waves of any pool or ocean or bathtub. I begged my mother for flippers for my feet so I could truly flip my fins but alas, she said no. Every day, I swam father and deeper while holding my breathe as long as I could until I transformed into a mermaid. Sadly, that dream never came true but my love of mermaids has never faded.

Mermaids in my mind have always been sweet and singing and full of laughter ~ maids of the sea who just want to swim and have fun! Introducing Mermaid Bean Plushies from the depths of Mochi Studios!

Her eyes and smiles are embroidered by hand and the sleeves of her arms are painted with shiney metallic fabric paint, much like the Ninja Geisha Beans! Each Mermaid Bean is sewn with beautiful Asian-inspired fabric with metallic thread accents. Her face, hair and tail are cut and sewn from eco-friendly bamboo felt (I love bamboo felt now! sooo soft!) and the tail is quilted and lightly stuffed and perfect for flipping through the ocean.

Do these fair Mermaid Beans need a Merman Bean for company? Nope, all they they need are their Narwhal friends!

 I can’t wait to make more!

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