Happy Valentine’s to you all! Will you be mine? I love you all for dropping by today and I wish you a lovely and sweet Valentine’s Day! Treat yourself to something sweet be it chocolates or a donut with sprinkles or a caramel and whipped cream topped coffee!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day and cutting up white, pink, and red construction paper into hearts and gluing them to handmade V-day cards. As I got older, I got better at my expressions of love. Six years ago, I realized I was in love with my perfect match and my one and only true love. And three years ago, I started a tradition of making my boyfriend a plush for a Valentine’s gift. I made the very first Pea Pod plush for Lam for Valentine’s day three years ago as a representation of how close we two have grown over the years. I still use the same tissue paper pattern I sketched out back then to make today’s Pea Pod plushies for anyone who’s like “Two Peas in a Pod”! Here is the the very first Peas in a Pod plush that I made for my love for Valentine’s Day~

I made a plush for my boyfriend this year as well but I can’t show it until after I give it to him tonight!

Make something for your loved ones this Valentine’s! Here are some of my favorite Valentine themed tutorials~~~

And here are some cute V-day mini quilts my friends have made!

And lastly some sweet music to savor the day with~!

Have a happy day! And don’t forget to tell someone “I Love You”!

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