Everyone around me has been batty for bats! My bf recently played and finished Batman: Arkham Asylum on his PS3 (Joker is really really creepy scary) and my bestie Tokki has been reading Batman web fan comics and haunting me for a batty plush for nearly a year. I made her a big grey batty plush for her birthday. And of course I’m all batty now too, and I can’t stop at making just one! Here’s Batty and Batty, the twin Batties!

They’ll be a sweet comfort to cuddle with while watching scary movies~!

They’re much rounder in the belly than they appear in the pictures ~ so cute and chubbs~!
Their faces are embroidered by hand and the wings are quilted too but the flash killed the detail :(

More creepy cute Halloween inspired plushies to come!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

I’ll be sewing lots of Pea Pod Plushies! Thank you, everyone, who has ordered plushies recently! There are many more plushies to adopt in the Etsy Shop!

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