Started and led by Anita of Bloomin’ Workshop, the Medallion Quilt Along was a another quilt along that I had to drop everything and sew. I started my Medallion Quilt 4 years ago after I saw Ann Champion’s master piece and several other stunning ones in the Flickr Medallion Along Flickr Pool. Anita’s instructions for each border are fantastic and I loosely followed them then started coming up with my own ideas for borders. I like trying new techniques for cutting and sewing which is perfect for this kind of quilt that ends up looking more balanced and united than sampler block quilts.

Happy Medallion Quilt - 7th Border

I picked up this project again recently because of all the #medallionalong quilts on Instagram where lots of people are quilting along to the Marcelle Medallion Pattern by Alexia of Green Bean Patterns. There’s no way that I could join along and join the new medallion along when I haven’t finished my old one! So over the last two weeks, I cut red, orange, and pink equilateral triangles using this tutorial from 3.5″ stripes and sewed them together for my 7th border! For the corners, I winged some tiny triangles in a square blocks that kinda look like little butterflies. I have lots of triangles leftover that are destined for a pillow or some other small scrappy project. The top is about a 56″ square now!

 Happy Medallion Quilt - 7th Border

The white checkerboard 6h border seems a bit too white and plain to me but it gives the eye a break from the crazy riot of colors everywhere else. I should have added more contrasting colors to the equilateral triangle border cuz the reds, oranges, and pinks kind of blend in with each other from afar. But at least they look nice up close.

Now what to do for the next border?

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