Thank you, Amy, for hosting this awesome Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! You’re amazing!

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Sewing is my secret life – a part of me I hide from coworkers at my full-time high-stress job and something that only my closest friends know about. And even fewer people know that I quilt, and I absolutely love it. I love the thrill of starting a new patchwork project and the petting of precious beautiful fabrics and contemplating what lovely things to make with them. I enjoy the slow process of quilting and learning new ways of manipulating fabric. I can really get into a peaceful mood and sit quietly in a sun-warmed armchair taking small stitches in and out of a quilt. I used to be really deep involved with the online quilting world where I learned lots of techniques on my own through following cool tutorials on quilt blogs so I’m ever grateful for this awesome quilting community online for sharing their inspiration and knowledge. I took a break from quilting to start sewing plushies for Mochi Studios but recently got back into quilting for leisure and fun! And I’m beyond happy that my friends in the quilting world are still here and are still supportive of me. One such friend is the lovely Sonja of Artisania. Couple years ago, I first “met” Sonja through the Lap Quilts for All swap on Craftster and we stayed connected via Facebook and Flickr and she’s been an ever encouraging support of Mochi Studios and I’ve seen her own popularity grow in the quilting world with her really cool paper piecing tutorials and amazing patterns and featured publications in quilt magazines! Early this year, Sonja asked for volunteers to test her new “I Heart Sushi” pattern, I leapt at the opportunity to help her and I really do love sushi!! Here is my process in pictures on Flickr. I’ll write a more detailed review of her pattern later. It is very easy to follow and quick to make! I had so much fun and I’m thrilled with the sushi quilt I made with Sonja’s pattern! This is also my first quilt finish since my last Bloggers’ Quilt Festival submission in Fall 2009! This is all thanks to Sonja!

I couldn’t help but embroider in the Tuna and California Maki Rolls!

” I Heart Sushi “

Quilt Pattern by Sonja of Artisania
Started February 2012
Completed March 2012
About 37″ x 43″
Paper pieced, machine pieced, free motion quilted, clean edge facing

Thanks to my friend Sonja, for your virtual friendship all these years and being a constant source of support and inspiration! Look out for Sonja’s release of the pattern soon on her website so you can make your own I Heart Sushi Quilt! Thanks for dropping by from Amy’s Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! Go check out the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival to see more awesome jaw-dropping quilts!


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