At UC Berkeley, I picked up a flyer for a Chinese Dance De-Cal class and I met Daisy for the first time. She was the leader of the De-Cal coordinator team. We became fast friends after long hours practicing and performing Chinese Dance together and bonding over Chinese snacks and watching anime ^_^ It was through Chinese Dance at Cal that I also met Chanel and Poeta and Katherine (Daisy’s Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, and honorary bridesmaid). My last years at Cal would have been so boring and dull without my Chinese Dance girls and the endless hours of dancing and companionship!

Daisy & I in our Han Chinese Dance costumes (circa 2004?)

For Chinese Dance, we actually sewed some of our own costumes! Over long sweat shop weekends, it was sewing long Tibetan costume sleeves at Daisy’s apartment where I first rediscovered my love of sewing, a skill that I learned in elementary school then forgot about because I never owned my own sewing machine. Thanks, Daisy, for reintroducing me to a sewing machine and teaching me how to get into sweat shop sewing production mode while watching MTV ^_^

Daisy’s so great at gathering us girls together for hot pot or picnics or nights out. So when she invited a bunch of us girls one April morning last year for brunch at La Note in Berkeley, I wasn’t expecting anything but a fun brunch and great food with the girls. Once we were seated, Daisy pops out these cards and hands them out and moments later, we’re cracking up and showering her with hugs! This is what I got…

{ flip }

It was so hilarious and creative, how could I say no! Daisy customized the card wording for each of us girls – Chanel, Victoria, Poeta, and myself – and each of our dresses were different. I think mine’s the best and I’m still bummed that Daisy ended up choosing a different one! I think I would have looked pretty darn good in red lace and crown! Thus began my commitment to be by Daisy’s side as she marries her one and only soul mate and best friend and to help make it the happiest day of her life! And yes, the days were full of paper products and crafty projects and more!

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