Seasons have changed yet all remains the same. Sorry for the unannounced hiatus of the last couple months. I had been dedicating my time mostly to my two besties who got married last month and I had the pleasure to be a bridesmaid in both their weddings!! Most of the year was incredibly joyful and blessed and full of all the events ushering them into the next chapter of their lives! Funny story ~ My friends Daisy and Eleen got engaged to their fiances on the same day in March last year, they both asked me to be their bridesmaids on the same day in April last year, and they got married on the same weekend in July! So you can imagine I was in quite a wedding whirlwind this entire year, full of gifts and bridal showers and surrounded by beautiful wonderful people and now Daisy and Eleen and their husbands are all living happily ever after as newlyweds!

I’ll post more about the past events that led up to the weddings soon! For now, I’m still enjoying my short break and I’m gonna ease my way back into the Mochi Studios world by continuing to sew armies of plush pea pods and narwhals but look out, new plushies are in the works!

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