Disneyland New Years

Time Square, New York

Daisy’s Wedding, SF City Hall

Eleen’s Wedding, Cerritos

Lam at Hakone, Japan

New Plushies

Thank you, 2011, for being such a memorable and exciting year! It’s been the most sensational year since the year I graduated Cal and first met my love, Lam. Two of my best friends married the loves of their lives and I got to be part of their journies. Lam and I traveled to New York, Vegas, and Japan. Our trip to Japan was definitely the highlight of the year. I’m still sorting through our hundreds of pictures and plan to print some pictures and also make a photobook and 2012 calendar soon! 2011 also welcomed the birth of so many babies to cherished friends and family members. Welcome to the beautiful world, all you dear baby darlings! My family has grown and love is renewed all around.

This year was a quiet year for Mochi Studios because of all these life events and I continue to seek to achieve balance between life, work, and Mochi Studios. I hope to redouble my efforts to grow Mochi Studios and sew new plushies and also branch out to other products in the near future!

Thank you to all of you for continuing to support Mochi Studios because I couldn’t do this without you who cherish the value of handmade creations and small businesses.

Thank you and Happy New Years and Best Wishes to 2012!

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