Lately, I seem to want to sew plushies of what I like to eat. Maybe that’s what dieting does to you – instead of eating potstickers and dumplings, I sew them! And every dumpling I make must have a cute embroidered face to go with it! yum!

When I was young and my grandmother was still alive, I loved watching her cook in her tiny apartment kitchen. I was thrilled when she finally decided I was old enough to help her out! I think I was 6 and living with her and my grandfather one summer. For my first attempts at making potstickers, I was so proud of the misshapened ones I folded and my darling grandma (my PoPo) would still cook them up and let me eat them even if the fillings fell out in the boiling water.  Over the years, my PoPo and I made soooo many potstickers together and I finally got pretty decent at it. Now, my fingers still automatically fold any circle of potsticker skin or felt in front of me into a dumpling. I fold these dumplings out of fleece the same way my PoPo taught me how to fold potstickers to eat. I just add more stitches and embroidery ^_^

Dumpling-chan is very chibi!
She’s dwarfed by the bigger Mochi Plush!

I’m thinking of making some into catnip toys for kitties and squeaky toys for dogs.

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