My dear friend Fan’s twin sister Fawn is starting a comic art and illustration magazine and she needs our help! Please help support FIXIT Magazine and Fawn’s innovative and creative approach to zine production and collaboration for comic artists, illustrators, writers, and more! This is Fawn’s dream and in her words “FIXIT is a being developed as a quarterly serialised comic and illustration magazine (issue #1 shipping january 2011) to showcase the talents of many artists that don’t quite have chance to realise their ideas in print simply because there aren’t enough opportunities in the industry.”  FIXIT Magazine is set up with to gather pledges and support. We can help Fawn realize her vision!

At each level of support, you will receive rewards for your pledge including buttons, miniprints, medium prints, free subscriptions, and more! For pledges over $200, you’ll get an exclusive handmade tote bag made by me and Fawn! It will be big enough to carry 4 issues of the zine!

Check out her Kickstater page for more information and her video about her vision and goals for her project! Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money changes hands so if FIXIT doesn’t meet its funding goals by May 2nd, her project will not be funded :( Help support Fawn and FIXIT zine and you’ll find her zine in stores across the country next year!

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