Everyone has a dream.

Every dream gives a person hope for something for something greater towards a goal to make their lives better.

Of late, my dream is to help others realize that yes, everyone has a dream but also, some people need a little help to achieve their dreams and life goals.

Kiva is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco and their key mission is to connect people through micro-lending for the sake of changing people’s lives and alleviating poverty world wide. Here’s how Kiva works to help change people’s lives~

You would have never known that a small loan by a couple generous people could transform someone’s life or several people’s lives from one of need to one of achievement. I’m so in awe that such a simple concept has had such a dramatic impact on people’s lives.

Think of a time when you yourself was in need and was able to rely on the help of a friend, mother, father, family member or local service to help you through that challenge. Would you have been able to accomplish your goal without that support?

Kiva provides an invaluable online tool for people to search for an individual or group in need and make a small loan towards their dreams. You can see that there are already thousands of magnanimous people have loaned money to various people in need all over the world and many of those loans have been repaid or are in the process of being repaid. Kiva’s website contains all the tools you need to follow up on the status of your loan and replayment and also be a part of a community of supporters doing good for the world.

I’ve heard of Kiva for a while but did not become a lender until yesterday because there’s always no better day than today to change a life and change your life. I loan because as an individual who had a dream to start my own business and succeed in it, I know how hard it is to start from scratch from the very bottom and it’s impossible to grow without support and necessary resources to succeed. Also, I want to help and empower people to achieve their financial and personal goals.

Help Kiva’s mission and help change a life.

Find out more about Kiva on their website.

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