There’s less than a month till Geri marries my cousin Eric! There’s still much to do but it’s all very fun and exciting! For myself, I need to hem my bridesmaid dress, get a hair cut, donate my cut hair, find the perfect sexy black shoes, knit a shrug, make earrings, and get on a diet and exercise a lot to look good in that dress! I’m also helping Geri out with some wedding details that are to remain a secret for now ^_^ Let’s just say, I’ll be cutting, gluing, folding, embellishing, and stitching up lots of things before the big day is here!

For my personal gift to Geri, I made her a bouquet of vintage brooches and gave it to her at her bachelorette party last month. She mentioned months ago on gchat that she saw a brooch bouquet and thought that it would be great for the wedding  rehearsal and other events surrounding the wedding. Since then, I scrounged around for vintage brooches and earrings on Ebay and Etsy and local antique shops. One weeks before the bachelorette party, I finally sat down to put the bouquet together using this and this tutorial for guidance. Since I spent so much on the pins, I wanted Geri to be able to use them as pins after the bouquet fulfilled its purpose and I also used a bouquet holder with the foam in the middle for sticking in the wire wrapped pins. I filled the bouquet quickly using the 60+ vintage pins I bought but then I had to supplement with pins and rings from Forever 21 cuz I still didn’t have enough! I didn’t finish until the night before the party. The next day, I was rewarded with her smiles when she received it ^_^

priceless “)

Geri's Brooch Bouquet

Geri's Brooch Bouquet

It’s very heavy because of all the metal brooches and if you tip it upside down, things may fall out. But all in all, I’m incredibly pleased that this project worked out! Can’t wait to see it in use! 24 more days till the wedding!!

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