My cousin Eric and my dear friend Geri got married finally last last Saturday! I’m beyond happy for them and Geri, who has always been like a big sis to me and is now officially part of my family!!

There are some people who touch you down to your soul whose friendship has changed you forever. Back when I was a young teen, I was a closet crafter but Geri was able to pull me out of my shy shell and inspire me with her creativity to make awesome crafty things. She became the big sister I never had who always had the most exciting ideas, who would take me out for cake and ice cream when I was feeling down, and who would always¬† there for me to see my dance performances and to help out with craft fairs ^_^ Without a doubt, I would be such a boring dull person without Geri in my life and of course there would be no Mochi Studios without Geri because I would not have been inspired to create early on. Geri also has transformed my cousin Eric through their love. I grew up with Eric kind of since we lived closed to each other but he was older than me and we never really talked or played together but mostly dined at family gatherings together. It wasn’t until Eric met Geri that he opened up and became a cool guy to hang out with. Over the last 14 years when Geri and Eric were dating, Geri was always part of my family already and it’s finally official and I couldn’t be happier!

I was thrilled to be one of Geri’s bridesmaids on her special day! Here are some pics of the awesome day that was perfect in every way for Geri and Eric! Geri is the best graphic designer and creative genius and Eric is a phenomenal wedding coordinator as well so every detail of their extraordinary wedding and reception was simply breathtaking and amazing in so many ways!

Eric <3 Geri just married!

Eric <3 Geri just married

They had a pretty awesome photobooth setup at the reception!

Geri and I right before the ceremony~<3!

Rita and Geri

Lovely bridesmaids & Geri and the masks we made at the photobooth!

Bridesmaids & Geri

Me & my bf Lam

He’s always got my back ^_^ <3

Lam and Rita at Geri's Wedding

All the flowers arrangements and bouquets were so so pretty~

Lion dance to open the reception dinner~!

Lion Dance

I made Giant Peas in a Pod with removable Veil for the Bride Pea and Top Hat for the Groom Pea!

Geri and Eric's Giant Peas

Geri had a fabulous idea to sew a patch label to her dress which I was happy to make and sew for her! A very nice special and personal touch to her gorgeous gorgeous gown!

I stitched it onto her dress the morning of!
The letters are blue so it’s her “something blue.”

I also made a wire “Geri <3 Eric” hanger inspired by ones found on Etsy but it wasn’t strong enough to hold the dress!

Geri's Bridal accessories

I also stitched Geri’s cute design that became Geri & Eric’s logo of sorts and framed it in an embroidery hoop but I didn’t get a picture of it myself, whoops! Hopefully the photographer captured all the many special details of Geri & Eric’s incredible wedding of the century!

October 2, 2010

A million congrats to the two of you!

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