In celebration of my best friend’s birthday, we hosted a Mad Tea Party last Saturday then followed the madness with watching the new Alice in Wonderland movie at the El Capitan Theater! She has the most fabulous collection of cute tea pots and tea cups that we paired with different mismatched saucers! We decorated the table with antique clocks, skeleton keys, potted flowers, playing cards, and “Drink Me” bottles and lovely, scrumptious delights!!

Mochi Studios’ newest Wonderland Mushrooms made a special appearance at the tea party too!!

Wonderland Mushrooms

Mad Hatter Shroom enticing Alice to drink the mysterious bottle~

Wonderland Mushrooms - Alice and Mad Hatter

Queen of Hearts Shroom looking disdainfully at the tipsy White Rabbit~

Wonderland Mushrooms - Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit

Alice Shroom stuck in a teap cup, no thanks to the nutty Cheshire Cat~

Wonderland Mushrooms - Alice and Cheshire Cat

White Rabbit Shroom found a good place to hide from the Queen of Hearts~

Wonderland Mushrooms - White Rabbit

You dare stare at me?! Off with your head!

Wonderland Mushrooms - Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter

White Rabbit~ I’m late for a very important date!

Wonderland Mushrooms - I'm Late!

This spinning Mad Tea Party Tea Cup ride is making me dizzy!

Wonderland Mushrooms - Tea Cups

I want my tea now! Hmmph!

Wonderland Mushrooms - Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit

We’re all totally bonkers!
You must stay for more tea!!

Wonderland Mushrooms

The Mad Tea Party itself was absolutely splendid too!

Mad Tea Party

Some Wonderland Mushrooms keeping watch over the red velvet cupcakes~

Mad Tea Party Cupcakes and Wonderland Mushrooms

And here’s yours truly~ The Queen of Hearts!

Mad Tea Party  and Rita the Queen of Hearts

E-A-T M-E Red Velvet and Choco Smores Cupcakes~!

Mad Tea Party - Eat Me Cupcakes

New cup! Move down! Move doooown!

Mad Tea Party

And I found the Mad Hatter himself with his Alice at the Theatre!

Alice, Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter

We all need a little more madness in our lives every day!

Can’t wait for more madness!

More Wonderland Mushrooms will become available soon at my next craft fairs!

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