Bazaar Bizarre Craft Fair was amazing! I had a fantastic time and it was such a exhilarating experience to meet so many friendly faces and see them smile and hug my plushies that I’ve been hand making over the last two months! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my table, to all who adoptedĀ  plushies to love and share, and especially to the Bazaar Bizarre SF team for putting on a wonderful craft fair and all their hard work and dedication for making sure that us vendors were comfortable, warm, and dry. It was such an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything! I met lots of new and old friends and vendors! I had the best team of helpers including my boyfriend Lam and my good friends Fan and Geri and my cousin Eric! Their help and support throughout this experience has been truly indispensable! I really couldn’t have done this fair with out them! I’m so happy that my first craft fair was so successful and with Bazaar Bizarre because they really put on an excellent craft show! I sold out of Gnomes and Holiday Rice Babies and only have a few Pea Pods and Mushrooms left! I was so happy to see many more people visit my website since the fair and Mochi Studios was even mentioned in a Yelp review on Bazaar Bizarre! The highlight of the fair was probably meeting Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching and chatting with her about how she inspired me to embroider and I gave her a special gnome and mushroom which she loved! So much to gush about but I’m super exhausted from the show so I will blog more about it with pictures later this week!

Next, after some rest and relaxation today, I need stitch up some more Holiday Rice Babies, Pea Pods, Mushrooms, and Gnomes (if I have time) for this weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair to replenish my stock. And I also plan to debut some new plushies too to spice things up for those who already have visited my booth at Bazaar Bizarre!

Thanks so much, everyone, for making my weekend and first craft fair so special! Your inspiration and encouragement fuels me enormously! You all rock!

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