Finally sorted and edited more pictures from the San Francisco Bazaar Bizarre Craft Show that was last December 12-13. It was my first craft show and I can’t be more happy with the Bazaar Bizarre team and meeting so many happy customers and talented artists!

Thank you, Geri, for taking these pictures! I was too busy to think about anything besides getting set up and greeting people visiting my table!

Here are some close up pictures of my table of plushies! I was vending outdoors and the weekend was cold, wet, and rainy, but we still had fun!

Mushrooms up for adoption~

Bazaar Bizarre Mushrooms

Gnome forest~

Bazaar Bizarre Gnomes

Close up on a Spring Gnome~

Bazaar Bizarre Spring Gnome

Giant Orange Octopus~
It says “Buy Me, I’m so soft and cuddly :)” courtesy of Geri!
See, his head is bigger than Fan’s head on the right!

Bazaar Bizarre Giant Orange Octopus

Giant Blue Octopus (Elf hat borrowed from one of my helper elves ^_^)

Bazaar Bizarre Giant Blue Octopus

Pea Pod Patch~ in three colors~!

Bazaar Bizarre Pea Pod Patch

Here’s the entire table~

Lam and Rita at Bazaar Bizarre

Of course the absolute highlight of the show was meeting Jenny Hart herself, the founder/creater/queen of Sublime Stitching! I would never have started embroidering if it wasn’t for her Stitch It Kit and I add embroidered details to everything I make now! I was so absolutely thrilled to meet her in person!

Bazaar Bizarre - Rita and Jenny Hart

I gave her a Summer Gnome and Red Mushrooms and she blogged about her gifts!

Bazaar Bizarre - Rita and Jenny Hart

Here are some of my customers! Thank you so much for supporting Mochi Studios!

My first customer and first Baby Ninja Bean to go home!

Bazaar Bizarre Baby Ninja Bean

She chose my three most unique mushrooms!
Sour Green Shroom, Grumpy Black Shroom, and Bunny Shroom!

Bazaar Bizarre Shroom Trio

These two ladies looked long and hard for the three perfect Shrooms!
Isn’t it great when you find the perfect gift?

Bazaar Bizarre Shrooms

Remember this cutie from BazaarBizarreSF’s pictures?

Bazaar Bizarre Baby Pea Pod

And here’s the photographer Cindy (BazaarBizarreSF) herself and her Pea Pods!
Thank you for taking wonderful pictures of my booth and the entire show!

Bazaar Bizarre Cindy

My friends Eleen and Lucas and their Ninja Beans~

Bazaar Bizarre Eleen and Lucas

I met my online friend Flashley Ashley for the first time!

Bazaar Bizarre Ashley

Chris and Steph dropped by too!
Remember the Bride & Groom Pea Pods I made for them for their wedding?

Bazaar Bizarre Chris and Steph

Excuse me, Wen, did you know there’s a Giant Octopus on yo’ head?

Bazaar Bizarre Wen

Hung out with the cool crafty ladies of CraftsterKittykill and Jungrrl!

Bazaar Bizarre Craftster

Swapped a cute poop plushie with the lovely Annie of Le Neko Noir!

Bazaar Bizarre Le Neko Noir

And meet sweet Miss Allie of Alliebeans here too!

And Tami, creator of the Felt Baron, was so nice and helpful from the very first second we met! I’m happy in love with my green tomato of hers!

Bazaar Bizarre Tami Felt Baron

Bazaar Bizarre was such a fun experience mostly because of all the wonderful people I met there! It didn’t matter that it was rainy and cold and we were all tired from last minute worrying and packing and unpacking. I wouldn’t trade my first craft fair experience for anything! Thank you so much to the awesome Bazaar Bizarre team! And Thank you to everyone who came to support Mochi Studios!

Applications for the Maker Faire Bazaar Bizarre opens next Tuesday through March 16th! The craft show is part of this huge DIY extravaganza in San Mateo and glorifies the art, craft, and uses of making things! I’ve attended the last two years and have always dreamed of vending at the craft show there. I’m working on some new plushies for the application. Wish me luck!

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