The Bazaar Bizarre Team puts on an awesome craft fair! From the moment you sight the venue, there are hand painted signs and banners that point you to the entrance. I love the quirky mustache bear and the retro circus tent theme!

Bazaar Bizarre Sign

Bazaar Bizarre Banner

To the right of the entrance, you find a giant tent and the outdoor vendors including Mochi Studios! It was rainy but my team was prepared for the cold weather with warm layers of clothes and knit hats and gloves and hot cups of hot chocolate and coffee and croissants! Geri took most of these photos!

Time to squish a giant octopus then set up the table with plushies!
My boyfriend Lam build my awesome banner stand!

Bazaar Bizarre and Giant Octopus

This is the Mochi Studios table right after we finished setting up!

Bazaar Bizarre Table

I could not have done Bazaar Bizarre without my boyfriend Lam. He kept me on track with my production goals with his clever spreadsheets and offered endless encouragement and support even through the times when I thought I was going to have a successful first craft show. He also cooked dinner for us each night the last two weeks while I sewed tirelessly throughout the night. And he built my amazing and sturdy banner stand that held up despite the crazy wind and rain! He’s the best and deserves a lot of recognition for his awesomeness!

Lam and Rita at Bazaar Bizarre

And meet my lovely¬† booth babes Geri and Fan! Geri helped me with all the giftwrapping and Fan was wonderful and keeping track of sales and encouraging people to squish the plushies! I heart them so much for helping me with the fair all two days! I’m glad that they were able to browse and enjoy the rest of the fair too!

Geri, Rita, and Fan at Bazaar Bizarre

I heart the Baby Pea Pods too! *squish!*
These are the same as the two peas in a pod but with just one pea! These were popular gifts for expecting mothers! How sweet!

Rita and a Baby Pea Pod at Bazaar Bizarre

I was thrilled when friends visited our booth too! We took pictures with them whenever we had a slow moment but we still missed some people! Lam’s brother and his girlfriend visited too but we forgot to take pictures with them! Here’s Fan and I with Ianthe and Ari who adopted some Mushrooms! This was day two when we added Christmas lights and a globe lamp on the table to added extra lighting since it was cold and dark outside.

Fan, Ianthe, Ari, and Rita at Bazaar Bizarre

Next recap – – – more pictures of Mochi Studios’ plushies with people who dropped by our booth and more!

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