Maker Faire this past weekend was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and of course surpassed all my expectations! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Maker Faire and supported Mochi Studios and Bazaar Bizarre!! And of course a huge thank you to the hardworking Bazaar Bizarre SF team who organized the show and made sure everything went smoothly. Everything was such a fantastic experience! The huge crowds, interesting characters, clever inventions, stunning performances, enthusiastic vendors and customers — I loved it all! My boyfriend Lam was with me the entire time even through all our preparations and my best friend Fan helped out enormously on Sunday!

My most cherished moment of the entire fair started when a darling little girl kept lingering in front of my table that she was barely tall enough to see and petting bunny peas and whales but her mother was unable to buy anything for her. She finally settled on buying herself a turtle charm which I happily placed in an organza gift bag and handed it to her with a business card. Upon turning the business card over and seeing pictures of my plushies, she starts jumping up and down excitedly and smiling widely at me and her mother who goes “Oh, are you Mochi Studios? My daughter has a Ninja Bean of yours that she carries around with her everywhere!” It turns out, she purchased the Ninja Bean for her at Modern Mouse last year, and I was so overjoyed hear that my plush creation is so loved and by such a happy little girl! I’m still beaming with happiness over this experience in particular over all the wonderful events of the weekend. And just yesterday, I dropped of some new inventory at Modern Mouse that hopefully will bring joy to new people *^_^*

Without further ado, here are some pics of Maker Faire weekend and highlights!

Rita and Lam at the Mochi Studios table ~

Rita and Lam at Mochi Studios' Booth

Fan and Rita ~

Fan and Rita

Some shots around the plushie filled table ~

Pea Pods, Octopi, Narwhals, Bunny Peas

Mochi Plush Table

Wonderland Mushrooms and Mushrooms and table of charms

Wonderland Mushrooms and Mushrooms Table

Entire table from the side

Mochi Studios Plush Table

I’m so happy that I brought my floss box (which holds my embroidery and sewing supplies) with me to the fair! I was able to finish some new Baby Pea Pods on Sunday that I rushed to make more of Saturday night since I sold out the first day! And I made the first ever Three Peas in a Pod plush!! It was a special request for a girl who just happened to be throwing a baby shower for her friend expecting triplets the next day!! I made changes to an existing Pea Pod I made and stuck three of the smallest peas into it and tadaa!! It was a proud moment for Mochi Studios!

Three Peas in a Pod Plush

Sunday afternoon, I custom embroidered these Bride & Groom Pea Pods on the fly especially for a couple who’s getting married this Fourth of July! Peas & Muus! Such cute nicknames!

Peas & Muus embroidered Bride & Groom Pea Pods

Awesome vendor neighbor Martin Hsu and his friend Mark ~

Martin Hsu

More fun neighbors ~ Brad of Tiny Sparks and Shawn of Seattle Show Posters

Rita and Tiny Sparks and Seattle Show Posters

Plush neighbor across from me ~ Julie of Particle Zoo!

Particle Zoo and Rita

The super hero organizers of Bazaar Bizarre SF and Urban Fauna Studio ~ Jamie and Blas!!

Rita and Jamie and Blas

Warning: The following pics were taken with my old camera and aren’t spectacular but my Maker Faire experience would be incomplete without them ^_^

Giant jacuzzi sized pot of paella served to us Makers on Friday Set up day ~

Paella pot

R2-D2 coming by to chill with the vendors while we set up Saturday morning ~

Rita and R2-D2

Our first sale was a Narwhal to a cute girl with a totally awesome octopus hat that she design and her friend handmade!

Rita and Octo-hat girl and Narwhal

Cool Miss Darlene was the only lucky one to go home with a Giant Octopus!

Darlene and Giant Octo

Absolute pleasure meeting Alice of Futuregirl!
I swear I wouldn’t be so crafty without inspiration from her craft blog!

Futuregirl Alice and Rita

That’s all for now!

Feel free to send me pictures of your new Mochi Studios plushies from the Faire!

Thank you again, everyone!

Hope to see you again next year or sooner!

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