As a special request, I created these three cute Pikmin crochet plushies for my friend Crafty Turtle! She took all these fun pictures of them too!

We took a stroll in the garden from craftyturtle1

"We took a stroll in the garden" from craftyturtle1

White hung out with Mr. Gnome from craftyturtle1

"White hung out with Mr. Gnome" from craftyturtle1

Red decided to lounge on the chaise from craftyturtle1

"Red decided to lounge on the chaise" from craftyturtle1

Yellow liked the garden bench from craftyturtle1

"Yellow liked the garden bench" from craftyturtle1

They were soooooo much fun to make! It was nice to play the game to “research” in between crocheting ^-^ Pikmin is a game from Nintendo and is not my original character and these guys don’t look exactly like the video game characters. I crocheted them with acrylic yarn and sewed felt details. And now my boyfriend wants a set of Pikmin too!

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