I met Sorhna at the Bazaar Bizarre Craft Fair in San Francisco and she really liked this white crochet bunny that I had put on my table as decoration which I actually made for Geri some years ago. Sadly, the bunny was not for sale but Sorhna did order a custom bunny! I customized this amigurumi bunny for Sorhna in black yarn with red details along with a custom mini Ninja Bean! Look, they match!

I don’t typically use black yarn but this bunny turned out really cute!

And here’s her bunny with her Ninja Bean buddy~
The Chinese character on the front is “Wind.”

The bunny has a wee tail in the back.
The Chinese character on the Ninja Bean’s back is “Good.”

I’m shipping them out today so I hope you like them, Sorhna! Thanks so much for your special custom order!

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